About Rachel

Rachel-SchneiderRachel Schneider is an American Photographer well received by the American artistic community. Ms. Schneider’s works have been regularly exhibited in galleries throughout the state of Texas. Her academic credentials include 5 years of formal study at Sam Houston State University in Texas as well as training at the Texas School for Professional Photography.

Ms. Schneider prefers to photograph in Black and White; however, she also uses color film. Her images yield a very different and crisp vantage point of life. A trained eye will find her images to be high in contrast and highly detailed. When photographing, Ms. Schneider contemplates every technical and artistic aspect of the image in her mind before she even considers pushing the shutter. She believes in finding the subject, determining the tonal values, then taking the picture that completely utilizes the negative’s space. Ms. Schneider does not believe in wasting any silver on the negative, and therefore, does not crop her images during the printing process. Critics have noted that her photographic style has the characteristics of Straight Photography and Documentary Photography.

Ms. Schneider’s portfolio contains images from her travels around the United States, England, Singapore, Tokyo and Malaysia. Her passion is to travel to unseen places and capture both their essence and her experiences on film.

Ms. Schneider began to exhibit her works to the public when she was just 18 years old. Her professors recognized her photographic talents, and awarded her with “Print of the Week” numerous times. As Ms. Schneider’s work continued to progress, a metamorphosis began to occur creating a new style very much distinct and her own. Her work placed well in photography contests, sold at auctions and consequently found a growing audience. Technically, she has high standards for her photography and uses only the highest quality materials and chemicals. Ms. Schneider prints each image herself on Museum Grade fiber based paper, and each image is part of a limited edition.

Every 6 – 8 months Ms. Schneider is compelled to travel to New York City, where she finds herself most engaged with her photography. One may encounter her wandering through the many boroughs of the City with a bag at her side and a camera in hand.

Ms. Schneider subscribes to the belief that in order to continually improve, you must constantly test and push yourself beyond the comfort zone. Therefore, she challenges herself with assignments that are not always easy or comfortable to capture and create. Ms. Schneider further believes that stretching her awareness and doing so will result in her becoming a more talented and well-rounded photographer.